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Do I have to be Hungover to use?


Although that was the original application, St. Bibiana’s blend of herbs addresses so many issues not

necessarily brought on by over imbibing; upset stomach, digestive issues, regulating blood sugar, heart

health, easing headaches, inflammation, relaxation, modulating moods, easing anxiety and improving

quality of sleep.

And although tremendously restorative and preventative, the best reason to drink it is because its

delicious! No reason needed other than pure enjoyment!


When do I drink it?

Well, anytime.

But as far as addressing a hangover specifically there are many schools of thought (according to my

focus group, aka my friends and family that I made try the tea for a year before I was satisfied it works!)

My Mom (red wine drinker) swears by it first thing in the morning, before coffee.

My Bartender friend likes to pre game with it. He keeps a jug in the fridge and drinks before heading


I like to drink it at the end of the night before bed. Its relaxing and soothing and sets me up for feeling

better in the morning.

So, all of that being said, anytime that works for you is the right time.


I am not used to paying this much for tea, Why is it more than grocery store brands?

The answer is our tag line: “It’s not just a tea, It’s a miracle”

St. Bibiana is a blend of powerful medicinal herbs, all organic and painstakingly sourced for optimum

benefits. Think of it as more of a “potion” passed down through the centuries than a teabag that’s been

sitting on a grocery store shelf for centuries.

The blend of herbs is concentrated so you really do just use a teaspoon or two per cup, so your jar

should last for months.

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